Netflix’s Orange is The New Black goes there. Immigration.


Immigration – Since its inception, Netflix’s OITNB has been a lot more than just a successful show; it has been an unapologetic eye-opener. Their last and final season started, as usual, slow but steady, which allowed the audience to have those “Oh I remember now” moments. They quickly shifted into gear and went back to their beginnings, where they showed how difficult life after prison can be. In season one, Taystee (Danielle Brooks) has her parole meeting, and she learns that she is getting out. When she is released, she stays at a house with someone she was in foster care with. Taystee quickly realizes she cannot adjust to the fast-paced real world and strict demands of her probation, which has her sleeping on the floor of her second cousin, who does not want her there. It is later revealed that Vee was nowhere to be found during Taystee’s release. She decides to purposely violate her probation which puts her back at Litchfield.

This narrative continues as they continued to follow the struggles Pipes (Taylor Schilling) is facing after she pays her dues to society. The show rapidly expresses how you can continue to pay these dues for the rest of your life. This time around, there was an unexpected but familiar main character. Blanca Flores (Laura Gomez) & Karla Cordova (Karina Arroyave) – In a world-class performance, managed to accurately display the pain and suffering that thousands of immigrants experience every day.

Although it is not for us to say that all I.C.E. officers behave and mistreat detainees as they portrayed on the show, the detention quarters were a fair assessment. When you are in prison, your freedom and the majority of your everyday life privileges get taken away. When you are in immigration your dignity gets taken away. However, no one can take your rights away; unless you let them. Karla Cordova put up a legal fight, that accurate demonstrate, how every case, with courage, determination, and the right legal knowledge, can go a long way.

On the other end, Blanca borrows from Karla’s advice and intense drive to succeed and manages to successfully get victory on her own. Karla’s story does have a sad ending. Karla’s story is real and is happening to immigrants every day, not only on the southern U.S. border but around the world. We pride ourselves on being a very centrist and non-biased medium, and we’ll continue to stay that way, we will continue to stay away from politics and closer to people. OITNB managed to touch our hearts. Karla Cordova’s story managed to touch our souls.

You can make an impact on someone’s life by donating to the Immigrant Defenders Law Center.


El Migrante

We often wonder, what does it take for a person to leave everything behind? – It takes everything, the wholeness of their body, mind, and soul. We must commence this particular adventure with what we perceive the most important item in it is. La Casa del Migrante.

We often link immigration to political debate stages across The United States, however, immigration issues affect several countries around the globe. By default, if the United States is dealing with complex immigration issues, Mexico is as well. Many of the migrants coming to The United States from many countries around the world, often jumpstart their crossing through Saltillo, the capital of Coahuila, one of Mexico’s border states. La Casa del Migrante’s concept is a simple humanitarian idea; help those in need.

If you think about it, the irony is somewhat bizarre. Allow us to elaborate in this incongruity. In one of Saltillo’s trendy district, the statue of Mexico’s 37th president and legendary revolutionary leader Venustiano Carranza stands tall.

Venustiano Carranza was a great military leader, who is well known within historian circles, for being the one who held the North Americans and kept them out of Mexico. Many would argue that history has a funny way to repeat itself. It is now the North Americans who are trying to keep others out.

As we continued to venture deeper into Saltillo, two things became evident to us. First, the automotive industry has a significant presence in Saltillo and drives the economy. Mercedes-Benz and General Motors both have assembly plants here, and Chrysler operates a truck assembly plant, a sedan assembly plants, and two engine facilities

The Second was the heavy influence of the Roman Catholic Church. This is not entirely uncommon when traveling through Mexico. It is the norm.

Everywhere we went, it was impossible to see someone who lacked faith. We sat there for a while, as we admired the devoted persons who came through the central cathedral’s door. The Virgen de Guadalupe’s altar was the most visited.

The Colonial streets in the city’s old town are always mesmerizing. In a way, it feels like going back in time. Who walked where we are walking? Who stood where we are standing? – These are some of the questions we asked ourselves while navigating through Saltillo’s time portal.

Of course, no trip is complete without a great culinary experience. And what a great experience this was. Handmade tortillas were standard at every place we visited. We also discovered that there was no need to scroll down a menu because the taste of freshly-made-from-scratch was phenomenal, so our food choices were always the same; “bring us whatever you want. We’ll eat it with pleasure “Nonetheless, as we talked to the locals, they didn’t seem to appreciate the simple things in their daily lives that we were amazed at. Many of them are always worrying and planning their odyssey to the United States. Our farewell message to them was sincere: You can’t get so hung up on where you rather be, that you forget to make the best of where you are.



On the Monterrey – Saltillo highway, right after we passed the first set of mountains of the Sierra Madre Oriental, we began to notice a series of food joints right off of the highway, as you can see in one of the photos, it literary means right off of the highway. One these food joints particularly caught our attention; Los Parientes. Los Parientes had an unusually high amount of traffic compared to the other food stalls in the area, so by default, we decided to check it out. After overcoming the odyssey that it was to find parking, we discovered we were in for a treat.
Traveling on the cheap is our specialty, in every blog we write, we try to give you tips on how to do this. Here’s one, if you are ever traveling through Mexico’s highway system, the chances are that the less mainstream, and less marketed places you see off the road are cheap, with some of the best food you have ever tasted. Los Parientes was a prime example of the latter. An all you can eat meat buffet for 70 Mexican pesos, which is the equivalent of approximately $ 4.00 USD

We could write and share a lot more about our experience at Los Parientes, but there’s more to this story than just great culinary taste.

Being the adventurers that we are, we decided to venture into the rocky area. It was then when we ran in the community of Ojo Caliente. Somehow it was not on the map, we looked on our paper map, we looked on every mapping app we had, Ojo Caliente was nowhere to be found, but it was there in front of us, so there we went.

At first sight, Ojo Caliente is nothing more than just a conglomerate of little low-income houses (some abandoned) a gravel road, and an outdated forgotten play park. Yes, you guessed it, there is a twist. This community hidden between the Cordillera has a lot to offer. We quickly began mingling around, and it was so evident that for the community, it was ok to not have all commodities that often trap people in a cage of debt and unhappiness. This is not to say that we had suddenly discovered the happiest people on earth, but they were surely content with the simplicity of their lives. This concept reinforced the starting idea of this blog. The experiences in our lives make us richer, and not necessarily stuff.

However, we also discovered, that there was a particular person injecting hope into the community. In an apparently neglected town by the Mexican government, after you pass the ¼ mile rocky entrance, turn left, and right after the abandoned playground, you will find a small medical clinic run by the Social Security Mexican Institute.

The clinic provides free basic medical care to the community of Ojo Caliente and other neighboring towns. Inside the clinic, we met a young and bright Doctor running the clinic. Dr. Danya Flores. In all of our adventures, we have never met such an intelligent, kind, smart, clever, able, competent person such as Dr. Flores. Hidden among the northern Mexican Cordillera, there she was, implanting hope, prescribing encouragement, and curing failure, in a seemingly forgotten town.

We witnessed many miracles that day, as we witnessed patients walk away with more than the usual antibiotics. Patients left the clinic filled with hope and encouragement to move forward and create progress in their lives. Dr. Flores was welcoming, polite, and soothing calming, as she taught us more about the work they do daily in rural communities such as Ojo Caliente. Thanks to Dr. Flores, Ojo Caliente had hope. Progress is built on hope.

Ojo Caliente was not a destination we had originally intended to explore, but after visiting, we felt this experience was truly a life-changing experience, and as Rick Warren once wrote: “Experience is not what happens to you. It is what you do with what happens to you. Don’t waste your pain, use it to help others.”

monterrey mexico


To talk about Monterrey is to talk about progress and culture. A very cheap Interjet direct fly from Houston prompted us there. Here’s a tip, often if you use a VPN service, you can try to book directly from the airline’s country of origin currency, in this case, Mexican pesos and not U.S. Dollars. For this particular instance, the result was a round-trip ticket for $ 80.00 USD. For example, Mexican airlines have U.S. targeted websites such as the usual .com website, Mexican native websites, often use .mx instead than .com – Going to .mx web address should often (not always) prompt a different price scale.

Although we often (more than often) try to avoid the usual tourism-oriented places, as we try to bring you closer to unique and undiscovered adventures, it becomes very difficult to not talk about Parque Fundidora. A park that is a synonym of greatness; a park that every year host some of the biggest bands in the world. Fundidora Park is a fully sustainable park is located inside the former Monterrey Foundry Property. (Parquefundidora.org)

If you find yourself in Monterrey, and are not sure what to do or where to go, you can find it all at Fundidora Park. At Fundidora Park we witnessed extensive walking tracks, one artificial lake, playgrounds for children and inline skaters. Fundidora Park also includes a convention center, and according to fundidorapark.org, a 2.1 miles’ permanent road course. The trail was particularly popular with joggers, bicyclists. Our particular favorites were the Mabe Fundidora Ice Rink, Sesame Street Park, and the Monterrey Arena. So just like we said before, you can find everything there.

Nonetheless, we were not done with just Fundidora. Monterrey’s downtown was the biggest melting cultural pot we have ever seen in Mexico. And music, well, music was everywhere to be found. At the central plaza, an all-female band was playing, and people were dancing. Other bands were also performing in other nearby downtown buildings.

On the other hand, all these experiences were great, but they were a bit too touristy to our taste, the adventure spirit had to get ignited, and so we did by taking just taking off and driving away from the city. We found ourselves heading south on Mexican Highway 85. We quickly noticed that most of the cars on that highway, were heading to the same place; what was that place? We didn’t know but figured there must be something there. We started going up, up, up and upon a road that was meant to accommodate one-way traffic. Yes, you guessed it, there was more than one-way traffic happening on this mountain road. After 20 minutes or so of going around and up we finally made it. What was there you ask, Cascada Cola de Caballo. (Horsetail Waterfall) The waterfall park was simply astonishing. The Flora and Fauna in the area transported us to an early stage in the history of our planet, somehow this magical place had managed to make us forget we were just 30 miles away from a metropolis.

Our adventure in Monterrey was unique, in a sense that, it brought us closer to our planet. It revived on us the importance to care for Carl Sagan’s pale blue dot, our environment, our most important partner and provider in this life.

 “On it everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever was, lived out their lives. The aggregate of our joy and suffering, thousands of confident religions, ideologies, and economic doctrines, every hunter and forager, every hero and coward, every creator and destroyer of civilization, every king and peasant, every young couple in love, every mother and father, hopeful child, inventor and explorer, every teacher of morals, every corrupt politician, every “superstar,” every “supreme leader,” every saint and sinner in the history of our species lived there–on a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam” Carl Sagan

A very special thanks to everyone in Monterrey, and the local municipal and federal police who were highly polite, professional, and helpful throughout this adventure. And thank you for taking care of the only home we’ve known.

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The Forgotten Angel

If New York City is the city that never sleeps, Mexico City is the city does not even stop to catch its breath. For us, the home of Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and David Alfaro Siqueiros; is a magical place that often elevates people beyond OZ, Narnia, and Neverland.

We first would like to thank Aeromexico for takings us there safely and timely. Also, thanks for the apple soda, you guys are the first airline we have seen that carries apple soda. We love it.

Secondly, special thanks to the entire staff of the Hotel Grand Prix. Their service was amazing, and their convenient location near the Palacios de Los Deportes, Foro Sol, and the Autodromo made it a flawless trip.

Here’s our travel advice. We highly recommend that you always exchange your currency in your country of origin. Exchanges rates can vary widely, and it is our experience, that if people wait to exchange currency until they arrive, they will get the tourist rate, also known as not-the-best-rate. Also, if possible, avoid using a debit card. Protect your yourself by using a credit card (only if necessary) – Credit cards companies such as American Express offer travel protections such as baggage insurance plan, global assist hotline, and travel accident insurance. (“Retail, entertainment, and travel benefits,” 2017)

For this adventure, we broke one of our golden rules, “Go with the flow, and explore away” – Mexico City is such an immense and majestic city, that we simply could not afford to venture out. Due to our allowed time frame, we had to have some sort of plan. Our adventure began in the San Juan market, great street food, and a unique market where everything could be found. Can you tell we like food? We always start out by trying out the local food joints.

While asking locally for food recommendations, it was clear that most people were leaning towards one place, La Casa De Toño. La Casa de Toño’s restaurant concept was unique. Great food, fast and attentive service. What we found unique about this place, was their teamwork. We had no set server /waiter; their ultimate goal was to provide the best possible services in the quickest possible way.

After we were fueled up, we headed to Coyoacan to try the world-famous mezcal. Unexpectedly we spent an entire day in the Coyoacan; this colonial town inside a city had a lot to offer. The next day our adventure continued at the Basilica de la Virgen de Guadalupe, and the Chapultepec Castle. Then, it was time to kick into high gear, so we headed to the Tlalpan district, in the outskirts of the city. We had previously been advised to not venture out to less populated areas, and that we should stay safe in condensed metropolitan areas. Well, we didn’t listen, so we headed out to the outskirts of the city, to the Tlalpan district. There, we discovered Restaurante Arroyo. They have the best barbacoa we have ever tasted. Not only that, but they also had a full music and dance show. We ended up spending the entire day at Restaurante Arroyo. Needless to say, we were definitely behind schedule. On the agenda for the next day, as many museums as possible.

In our humble opinion, The Frida Kahlo Museum, and El Palacio de Bellas Artes can easily take on any European museum. Mauro, our highly-educated tour guide, (yes, we used a tour guide for the museum visits) – was extremely knowledgeable, as he shared his love for the rich history of his country, and the arts. As we listened to Mauro, it was discouraging to see how such a powerful realm that used to encompassed California, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and a small section of Wyoming, had fallen to be a synonym of undocumented immigration, drug trafficking, El Chapo and corrupted politicians. At the end of the tour, we thanked Mauro for his passionate presentation and encouraged him to continue to educate people on all the majestic places, and talented people Mexico City has to offer. As it is our policy to no get involved in political matters, so we left Mauro with our message of love, progress, and hope.

We decided to spend our final day mingling with the locals and learning more about their worldviews, at El Zocalo. As we arrived, we saw a group of people gathering around a protester, so by nature, we decided to check it out. The protester’s name was Julia Klug. A Guatemalan-born Mexican activist, who protests the Catholic church weekly. Julia was kind enough to share her story with us. We witnessed a lot of resilient people within the heart of the city.  

It seemed only a few minutes had passed by, but 4 hours flew right by us without noticing as we talked to Julia. We did not get a chance to engage with more people since we consumed the majority of the time discussing worldwide topics with Julia. Once again, we were behind schedule. It looked as if we could not keep up with this city.

We concluded our adventure with a visit to the Angel de la Independencia. A magnificent structure in downtown Mexico City. The Monument is a tribute to Mexico’s independent from Spain, in 1821. As we looked around, took it all in, and simply enjoyed the moment, we noticed that the monument went unnoticed by the locals and was used mostly as a background for international news links. Somehow, the angel who led the way for the expansion of the former Mexican empire had been forgotten. In some way, the world had also forgotten about the vast amount of human power, wealth, and culture that can be found in Mexico City.  

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“We are originally from Durango. My dad moved here (Monclova) to work at Altos Hornos de Mexico. (AHMSA)” Alejandro Alcantar.

Alejandro’s family story is essentially the same untold story of many of the families that populate the Monclova area. Monclova spawns from a darker history, known as the place were several heroes of the Mexican Independence Movement such as Juan Aldama, Ignacio Allende, Miguel Hidalgo, and Jose Mariano Jimenez were captured, imprisoned, and killed by the Spanish crown.

Present-day Monclova is a thriving industrial zone; at its core, AHMSA (The largest steel plant in Mexico) – Many would claim that AHMSA is Monclova’s cornerstone; nevertheless, as we explored every inch of Monclova, we found a hidden gem, Mercado Guadalupe. AHMSA could claim their heavy real estate reach within Monclova, but it is Mercado Guadalupe that has the right to claim the hearts and souls of the people of Monclova, by pumping daily the spark of life into the arteries of the hard-working families of Monclova.

Mercado Guadalupe is a family-owned grocery store that has managed to stand up to corporate chains from the area and continues to grow successfully in a nation where valued business morals are difficult to find. Mercado Guadalupe’s recipe for success is quite simple: Best prices, great product, and amazing people. What qualifies someone as an Amazing person? Based on your biases, these could vary widely. While in Mercado Guadalupe, we notice two team members that stood out, two amazing individuals, Juan & Abundio Ledezma.  The brothers are the definition of hard work, dedication, loyalty, and trust.

It’s been a while since we observed such a high level of commitment from someone. We left Mercado Guadalupe aspiring to be more like them. The adventure in Monclova aided us to appreciate many of the things we have taken for granted back home. The way an entire community rallied daily behind Mercado Guadalupe, provoked us to think deeper about the unfound possibilities of life.

Our visit to Monclova concluded at Hacienda Quinta Ilusion. A beautiful ranch that can be rented. It offers great amenities and an invaluable stress-free environment. Daniel Flores, the ranch owner, was one of the nicest and most hospitable persons we have ever met.

We left Monclova motivated to worked harder than we ever have, to care deeper than we ever have, and to love farther than we ever have.

Special thanks to Araceli Alcantar for her Hospitality and for the grand tour of Monclova.

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rock concert

Que nadie te diga que hacer con tu vida.

¿Cuántas veces has dejado de hacer algo porque te da miedo que van a decir lo demás? ¿Realmente estás viviendo la vida que quieres vivir o estás viviendo la vida que alguien más planeó para ti?

Este tipo de preguntas incómodas yo las empecé hacer hace 5 años, ya entrados en mis treintas jamás imaginé que mi vida iba a dar un cambio tan drástico desde que decidí empezar a cuestionarme y analizar si en donde estaba o lo que hacía en ese momento realmente me hacía feliz y la respuesta absolutamente fue: NO.

Desde entonces emprendí un viaje para descubrirme y descubrir un mundo de posibilidades para encontrar esa paz o equilibrio en mi vida que tanta falta me hacía. Confieso que en un principio me costo atreverme a dar el paso para dejar de vivir bajo un sistema con reglas y horarios establecidos, a vivir bajo mis propias reglas.

Siempre con espíritu aventurero, así que decidí que era momento de emprender y sin imaginar que no sólo se trataría de un proyecto para generar ingresos para mantenerme, esta decisión se convirtió en la mayor aventura de mi vida.

Sin pensarlo, no sólo descubrí una forma de pensar muy distinta, aprendí y sigo aprendiendo a tener una mentalidad abierta y siempre dispuesta a seguir adelante, perdí amigos en el camino, sin embargo, comprendí que no los necesitaba más en mi vida ya que lejos de motivarme, sólo me cuestionaban o criticaban a cerca de mis decisiones.

Una vez que te atreves a salirte del sistema, es natural que tu círculo más cercano comenzará a cuestionarte, muchas veces te criticarán y harán sugerencias sin sentido que no debemos de escuchar si realmente estamos comprometidos con nuestra felicidad.

Cinco años han pasado desde que comencé mi viaje en búsqueda de mi felicidad y si bien es cierto que la felicidad no se encuentra afuera y que tenemos todo para ser felices, la realidad es que no es un camino tan fácil de comprender como a veces nos lo hacen creer.

Y tal vez lo que te diga parezca un poco rebelde y la realidad es que así lo es, mucho tiempo medí mis pasos y acciones para no quedar mal con nadie, para no incomodarlos o darles el gusto de estar orgullosos de mí, hasta que llegó un momento en que se volvió realmente agotador e insostenible. Di un brinco gigantesco en mi vida cuando decidí renunciar a mi trabajo estable para arriesgarme a dar el todo por el todo por mis emprendimientos en ese momento.

Hoy agradezco profundamente el haber tenido el valor de arriesgarme, no sólo me fue maravillosamente bien en mi proyecto, gané mucho dinero y pude viajar como nunca antes lo había hecho, también comencé a descubrir una nueva persona, esa persona que era y soy yo, obviamente jamás habría pensando que existía y al darme cuenta de ello, me maravillé de lo capaz que podía ser de desarrollar nuevas habilidades que al día de hoy me han abierto muchas puertas.

Recordar de ves en cuando todo esto, hace que vengan a mi mente un montón de recuerdos, emociones y solo puedo pensar en lo agradecida que estoy o mejor dicho en lo orgullosa que estoy de haber tomado esta decisión de emprender, de descubrirme de cuestionarme una y otra vez si lo que estaba haciendo o viviendo realmente me hacía sentir feliz.

Desde entonces, cada cierto tiempo hago un análisis de donde estoy, de qué me hace falta o que es lo que tengo que hacer o cambiar para sentirme en paz, tranquila y relajada con lo que estoy viviendo. Naturalmente podrías creer que estar en contante movimiento es sinónimo de inestabilidad, pero simplemente no me imagino mi vida rutinaria, desarrollando un proyecto que no me hace feliz y teniendo que estar en donde realmente no quiero.

Como te platiqué, hoy vivo en Playa del Carmen, sigo buscando, me sigo encontrando, se que este es mi lugar, aunque el calor muchas veces me lo hace dudar, pero esa es otra historia. Hoy vivo en un lugar paradisiaco, tranquilo, a tan sólo unos pasos del mar y de lugares que muchos sueñan con venir, aunque sea una vez al año por un par de días para olvidar y desconectarse del mundo tan estresado en el cual vivimos la mayoría del tiempo.

¿Para qué te cuento todo esto? Simplemente lo que quiero decirte, es que si yo a mis muy cercanos cuartos pisos, me he atrevido, me he arriesgado y me he dado la oportunidad de vivir lo que quiero, lo que se me ocurre, lo que se me da la gana, a ti que seguramente eres mas joven o tal vez no, que es lo que te detiene a hacerlo???

Hasta la próxima.

Mexico City

Una cita para recordar…y aprender también.

Mexico City

Cuando empecé mi primer trabajo después de la Universidad estaba tan emocionada por este nuevo mundo en la Industria Farmacéutica, que aunque no era el trabajo de mis sueños, disfrutaba muchísimo a mis amigos de la oficina y otras de las actividades que hacía en él.

Uno de esos días, mientras estaba trabajando recibí un mensaje por medio del chat Messenger de la oficina. Era un chico que todas conocíamos, y que parecía ser súper divertido y amable. Él estaba en cargo de todo el proceso de seguridad, así que todos y todas sabíamos quién era. A las mujeres se nos hacía súper atractivo por su personalidad.

Nos estuvimos escribiendo por días, hasta llegar el día en que me invitó a salir. Yo estaba súper emocionada porque hacía años que no salía en una cita. Quería algo de variedad en mi vida, y aunque parte de mí no estaba segura si realmente me gustaba, decidí darle una oportunidad a esta nueva experiencia.

Y Oh por Dios, lo que me esperaba por tomar esta decisión…

Para empezar nos quedamos de ver un sábado en la mañana en su apartamento. Lo que para mí, era bastante raro. Primero porque estaba y estoy acostumbrada a que los chicos vayan por mí a mi casa, tal vez es muy cultural, muy de otra época para otros o muy romántico, sólo sé que así crecí y que siendo honesta me gusta. Sin embargo, en esa ocasión decidí ir y cuando nos reunimos él se me quedó viendo con una mezcla entre confusión e incertidumbre, pero ninguno de los dos dijimos nada.  La verdad es que esta era la primera vez que nos veíamos en persona, porque solo habíamos platicado por el chat.

Al entrar a su casa, su mamá estaba adentro, lo que se me hizo más raro, aunque después me di cuenta que su mamá era súper linda y que incluso tuvimos más cosas ella y yo en común, de las que él y yo tuvimos.

Después de un rato, él sugirió irnos a Café Tacuba, un restaurante muy bonito en la Ciudad de México. Y en todo el rato, él y yo no nos dirigimos la palabra, él se veía serio y un poco decepcionado, yo la verdad, era demasiado insegura para empezar una conversación, así que mejor empecé a hablar con su mamá en ese momento porque me sentí más cómoda con ella.

 Aquí pueden preguntarme, ¿Pero por qué te quedaste? La verdad es que era una persona muy diferente de la que soy ahora. En ese momento me dio vergüenza retirarme, no lo quise hacer sentir incómodo, y en resumen, no fui lo suficientemente valiente para decir hasta la vista.  

Por lo que continué con esta “cita”, en la que su mamá pagó por nuestra cena. Y más tarde terminamos yendo a un concierto de “música” experimental, que resultó más experimental que la química que hacía en el laboratorio durante mi carrera. Al final de la noche solo estaba feliz porque había terminado y porque en verdad su mamá fue un amor de persona.

Para el lunes, todas mis amigas estaban esperando que les contara como me había ido con este chico que todas idealizábamos. Y cuando les dije realmente cómo había sido la cita, quedaron un poco sorprendidas tanto de la cita como el comportamiento de él en general. Aunque, después descubrimos lo evidente, cuando él empezó a insinuársele a mi compañera de trabajo, a ella, era a la que en realidad estaba esperando esa vez en la cita. Ella por supuesto lo mandó muy lejos.

Y cuando conté por primera vez esta historia a una de mis amigas de la oficina, ella me sugirió escribirla a una revista para que la publicaran. Y en verdad, hasta ahora no me había atrevido a escribirla, parte porque ya no lo veo con ojos de la persona de 24 años que fui entonces, sino una más madura.

Y al mismo  tiempo, me decidí a escribir este tema, y esta historia, porque sea esta situación o una similar la que te haya ocurrido, es importante reconocer, que lo que hagas se sienta bien para ti misma y para ti mismo, y si te estás sintiendo incómoda en una situación no seguir adelante, tanto en este caso, en relaciones, en trabajo, en la salud, en cualquier momento donde tu intuición y tu voz interior te está diciendo NOOO, le hagas caso, la escuches. ¿Tú la estás escuchando?

Angie Meléndez

Empresaria y Coach del Bienestar y Mentalidad


Hace algunos meses vi la película de Christopher Robin, y siempre que veo una película, me encanta encontrarle el mensaje. En mi opinión esta película es una de las más conmovedoras de los últimos años, con una mezcla de ternura que te atrapa el corazón.

En primer lugar tenemos al siempre lindo, aunque despistado osito Winnie Pooh, a sus amigos que habitan en el bosque con él y también tenemos a Christopher Robin, el humano que conoció desde que eran pequeños, y que al ir creciendo éste se había olvidado de la esencia de la vida.

Lección 1. ¿Eres feliz?

En la película te hace reflexionar, en cómo existen ocasiones en la vida en que se puede estar tan ocupado en el día a día, trabajo, familia (Cuando realmente le estás dedicando tiempo y estás presente) que olvidamos preguntarnos si somos felices. O mejor aún, si estamos decidiendo ser felices.

Lo digo de esa forma porque podemos caer en la ilusión de que tenemos que pasar o llegar hasta cierto punto para ser felices en nuestras vidas. Esa persona era yo hace 3 años, y sabes algo sigo entrenado mi subconsciente cada vez que trata de convencerme de lo contrario. Aprendí muchísimo que el ser feliz cada día es una elección.

Y de igual forma vemos en esta película como el adulto Christopher Robin, había olvidarlo serlo y eso es algo en lo que todos nos podemos relacionar. Y siempre necesitamos de seres lindos, en el caso de Christopher Robin, el osito Winnie Pooh, para recordárnoslo.

Lección 2. La Familia

El valor de estar con la familia. Lo escribí al inicio entre paréntesis. Porque una cosa es pasar el tiempo con tu familia, y otra es estar verdaderamente con tu familia. En la película lo vemos a través de un proceso de evolución que tiene Christopher Robin, en dónde, pasa de casi dar por sentado que tiene una familia (prácticamente ignorándolas), a atesorarla y apreciarla con todo su corazón.

Y con la palabra familia, me gustaría recalcar que incluye obviamente esa familia que elegimos y son los amigos. Esos amigos, que aunque sanguíneamente no estamos relacionados, lo estamos a nivel del alma. Eso lo van a encontrar muchísimo en la película.

Y por último la lección 3. La vida es aquí y ahora…

 Sé que todos tenemos planes, que todos queremos alcanzar alguna meta, sea cuál esta sea. Y está bien planear para el futuro por supuesto. Pero también vivir el presente, el hoy y el ahora. En esta película esa es otra de las grandes lecciones. El disfrutar el hoy, así como Winnie Pooh, que el hoy es su día favorito… ¿Cuál es el tuyo?

Angie Meléndez

Empresaria y Coach del Bienestar

Header - Invasion of panama

From the ashes, it rose.


Panama – Her name was Catherine Johannet. She was strangled to death, and her body was found in Panama’s Bastimentos Island, located in the province of Bocas del Toro. People magazine and other major and legitimate news outlets, reported the news after it was confirmed by the FBI and local authorities who have been searching for her body. She was a fellow seasoned traveler whom by the age of 23 had already visited six continents. We never met Catherine; our paths never crossed, but they easily could have, we admire her a lot. At 23, we were not even close to where she was. Her death was felt deep inside within the entire worldwide community of adventurers like us. Shortly after the news broke, without much hesitation, we decided to set our compasses in Panama’s direction. This blog entry is merely an effort to make Catherine proud, as we attempt to engrave into history a humble piece she would have been proud of

We had originally intended to visit the Bocas del Toro area; nonetheless, after much thought and consideration, we decided to be respectful and stay away from that area.

As usual, we begin with our travel advice. We booked our tickets using Skiplagged’s hidden city technique. It made our tickets incredibly cheap. We also used their long layover option, which made our tickets even cheaper. We do not advise the latter; the long layover is not worth it. You will end up the spending even more money on amenities such as food, transportation, showers, and others. The fatigue will take a toll on you, thus making the travel aspect of your trip significantly stressful.

This was our first time utilizing Copa Airlines, Panama’s airline. We were mesmerized by their services, and their timing was impeccable. Their reputation precedes them. As the aircraft landed, the monitors began to portray Panama City, as a thriving modern metropolis. To be exact: “Welcome to Panama, the hub of the Americas” – The Panama City International airport reminded us of airports such as DFW, IAH, and LAX. The terminals were filled with people from all over the world, and all sort of languages were heard.