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For the duration of quarantine

For the duration of quarantine

For the duration of quarantine – Next Saturday I will attend my literary workshop via Zoom, after entering with the key previously sent to my mail, I will activate my camera so that I can see the faces of my friends, whom I have not seen for months and with whom I enjoyed a good talk at the end of our workshop at Carlos’ house, from where we then went out for a few drinks at a nearby bar.

That was: convivir a weekend with friends, enjoy the atmosphere of a Saturday night in the center of Mexico City, in front of the capital Zocalo and feel people around, always people around (by far, it is one of the main experiences in a city as populated as the Mexican capital). Remembering those moments, I find it a little strange, to think that the closeness with others was somehow comfortable and natural. A kind of urban complicity, a condition for recreation.

But today, by following the measures of protection, coexistence is another. Going out on the street involves taking precautions, using a head cover and keeping distance. People are no longer the same, they are no longer those that led to coexistence and were up to the ground of fun. Now, they become a potential threat that we must avoid. It is hard to believe that at the beginning of 2020 we were living in another context: chatting face to face, greeting us from hand, kissing, hugging our loved ones, etc. Quarantine, has brought unprecedented situations due to confinement,and has also made clear the need to maintain contact with others and with the outside world, that communication has had to look for new avenues and in that search, technology has been in our favor.

It’s really amazing howvideo calls have re-activated our coexistence. The various applications have allowed us, to work, study, attend therapy, maintain contact with family and friends, etc. The uses are as varied as their users. How many of us don’t spend hours in front of the screen attending work meetings, online courses, or other virtual events? Every day is within our reach a myriad of content and resources to interact with each other, and of course, it is helpful to use them. I just hope that this normality that awaits us will not eliminate our sensitivity and preference for human faces and their great expressiveness.

For the time being, I know that tomorrow morning the alarm will sound on my cell phone (an hour after what I used to do at the beginning of the year), I will prepare to perform my daily exercise and choose the routine that I want to practice. After taking a shower, I prepared myself a light breakfast and went up to my studio to work. In my free time, I will be able to see my friends and family by video call, I will take some online course on teacher training and my yoga lessons in applications. Anyway, the remaining days of this pandemic will elapse between screen and screen, let alone to speak, it is an incentive in the meantime we can meet face to face. For the time being, and my case, I always take the opportunity to greet kindly the delivery man who knocks on my door, through his eyes I know, that behind his mask there is a smile that answers me.

For the duration of quarantine


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Alba Rodriguez
Mi nombre es Alba, soy del norte de México y he migrado a la estimulante y caótica Ciudad de México. Hoy recorro sus avenidas motivada por las historias que se tejen entre el bullicio y el folklore de su gente ¡Acompáñame en esta experiencia!

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